Not afraid to drop and throw off any more–Rugged smart phones

Dim air roamed the sand, the ground has been covered with a layer of yellow blankets, clothes and walk down a layer of loess on the surface, if a deep breath, I am afraid will Piqiang cough. This kind of weather, whether for people or other things, have a very bad influence. Essential to people’s daily lives as cell phones, used in this kind of weather can also cause some impact.

As more sophisticated digital products, mobile phones and the like are quite sensitive to dust, if prolonged exposure to dust weather, it can cause internal phone into the soil, cause the phone to fail. Where in the dust day should not be used outdoors phone, thinking about ruged smart phones. Three anti refers waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, dust-day using which is very suitable for.

Runbo X5 rugged smart phone is a response to the desert, water, arctic, mountain, a comprehensive environment to challenge the limits of mobile phones, has proof Corning Gorilla glass, rubber cushion, stylish design, sleek appearance and military quality, a variety of colorful colors for you to choose, high brightness LCD, high-decibel stereo speakers, 800-megapixel, digital zoom, support for WCDMA2000/GSM networks world-wide, it is home, travel, outdoor, adventure essential tool.

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