waterproof phone ve the knowledge of waterproof smartphone for longer stand by time

For each Android device waterproof smartphone, in just started using it, will be very smooth, battery life is also good. But often in use for some time will find it too Caton, battery life also becomes shorter. The primary cause of these problems is still in use habits, after all, like the noble heavy brush on the level of technology is not glamorous and each user can accept.Then will show you the knowledge of waterproof smartphone for longer stand by time.

Many friends first time will be put on a lot of software. Including games, life, social applications such as multi-enough to make you messy, but many are seeing friends when installed on the point of installation to install, the next step tips on direct point, whether to allow are selected, this consideration is the card brings Dayton and high power consumption. Software needs to implement push, it will outlast the memory, increase the pressure for the battery, you can obtain root privileges, prohibit off boot and refused to push the installation. Of course, you can not deny stuff or do not install it.

Android multi-screen toggle this feature in the layout of many plug-ins will give users convenient trial experience. By placing news, video and other plug-ins, you can let the user intuitively through the sliding screens to be used directly. But nothing will be idle for a hand brush or unlock become a big problem. When you switch to a certain screen when plugin will automatically download the updates, but you then switch to the next screen, the update does not stop. The emergence of this situation will bring daemon running, even if you lock the screen, the battery will still sneak away.

In fact, the intelligent system is not terrible, terrible is not learning attitude, everyone can pass some small way little habits make the device more smoothly

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